Not all buildings are made primarily of brick stone. Some buildings have a large amount of glass, whether it’s office windows or a full glass ceiling. But however the glass is used, one thing is certain: it needs care attention to keep it in optimum condition.

High windows attract dust dirt. But if any debris is left on the glass surface, it will eventually go on to cause permanent scratches damage. Clean windows, including skylights, can also improve LUX lighting levels – one customer saw an improvement of 60%, meaning that lights could be turned off during daylight, saving them money on their energy bills.

Surveys show that natural lighting is the preferred choice, so keeping your windows clean – especially if you have a lot of glass – can improve working conditions the atmosphere staff visitors alike.

However, commercial window cleaning doesn’t come without challenges. High access, road path closures cordons are often requirements large-scale work this is what sets us apart. Putting health safety at the efront of all commercial window cleaning jobs, we carry out full risk assessments work with all affected bodies to keep staff, visitors the public safe.

We have vast experience working with numerous local authorities to arrange road footpath closures only use industry-leading technology to achieve the best results in the smallest time frame possible, minimising disruption downtime.